I'm Emily

I build immersive,
digital experiences

About Me

Hello! I'm Emily

I am a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Design Computing at the University of Sydney.

I have a passion for creating digital experiences that are innovative and impactful. I am attracted to UX/UI design for its ability to provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

About Me

How I Thrive

From living in Dubai UAE for 9 years, to now living independently in Sydney Australia, I have had the pleasure of experiencing a wide range of cultures and ethnic diversity.

For as long as I can remember, I have always thrived in environments that promote creativity and problem solving.

About Me

Things I love

I love health and fitness, discovering new places and spending time with friends and family.

I also enjoy drawing and capturing scenes from my daily life. I particularly like using ballpoint pen as a medium because of its versatility and accessibility.

About Me

5 Fun Facts About Me

  1. A citizen of the world, I am an Aussie with Chinese-Vietnamese-Irish heritage
  2. I love reading, travel, food and vampire movies
  3. I love finding great bargains so much that I share them on my TikTok (@stingelords)
  4. As an eco warrior, I cycle anywhere and everywhere
  5. Double coated Tim Tams are my biggest weakness
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Thank you for checking out my portfolio. My CV and work experience can be viewed here.

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